From the eyes of the blind man


You are on a dirt ground. Rocks force themselves against your legs – bruised from kneeling and begging. People are pressing around you from every side but you can’t see a way out of the crowd. You hear people screaming a name – Jesus of Nazareth!! This is your last chance. You have heard about his miracles – raising the dead, casting out demons, even giving sight to the blind! You cry out louder and louder – ignoring the people pushing you back down into the dirt. You feel your hope fading, why would He care about someone like you? The others He healed must have been special, they must have been chosen. But as you begin to give up, the crowd suddenly becomes quiet. Someone grabs you by the elbow and shoves you forwards.

You hear a kind voice and feel a gentle touch on your shoulders: “what do you want Me to do for you?” Your mind is racing. The Prophet wants to know what He can do for you? Shouldn’t it be what you can do for Him? You have nothing to offer Him and no way to repay Him. Your heart races, palms get sweaty. You mumble quietly: “Rabboni, I may receive my sight?” You feel a gentle squeeze of His hands on your arms. He responds, in that same inviting tone: “go your way; your faith has made you well.”

All of a sudden you can see. Lights, colours, people. Everything becomes clear. You see the world for the first time and He is the first thing you see. His graceful features and humble face. His eyes that communicate a personal love for you, so much love it makes you tremble. Your throat feels tight. You don’t know anything about Him. He said “go your way” and for the first time in your life the way is clear. He is the way, the truth, and life.


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