Once upon a time…


Once upon a time, a baby girl was born in a very cold city to a Christian family. As she grew up, she experienced many difficulties and her dreams were shattered. Her heart broke and grew hard to the world around her.

She became disillusioned with God and faith, deciding to live according to her desires. Day after day she tried to mend the gaping wound in her heart with the pleasures of this world: material things, food, companionship but it never worked.

She found herself sinking deeper and deeper into a dark hole. Often, she felt as though she was trapped at the bottom of a dark and empty well. She stared up at the world around her – life went on as usual – no one seemed to notice her darkness.

No one…except a mysterious man in a long black dress with a silver cross around his neck. He saw through her confident facade, to her sorrowful spirit, and gave her an opportunity to escape to a far away land. She jumped at the chance to travel far far away and escape her well of darkness, even if only for a few weeks.

While she was preparing to go, she met the other people who would be traveling with her. Immediately, she noticed something special about them – they all seemed to glow. They were full of love for her and continuously they tried to break down her barriers and reach her broken heart.

It made her nervous and scared. There were many times she wished for her dark well where no one tried to open the doors to her heart, which she had locked shut many years ago. Their glow, however, was contagious. It spoke love, peace, rest, and truth. It spoke acceptance and mercy, healing and wisdom. The more she opened herself up to the people with the glow, the more the darkness lifted.

Morning and night they read to her from the same book – they told her of its promises and its hope. Intrigued by the passion of the glowing people, she began to read it herself. There she discovered the source of light; light so bright it cast away even the deepest and darkest parts of her soul. She found the source of healing that began to soften and mend her broken heart. She found her closest companion and learned the truth that He was always with her. She found irrational joy, generous love, and abundant mercy.

One of the greatest things she found was forgiveness and the chance for a new and better life – the one she had always dreamed of but given up on. He promised to take care of her, meet all of her needs, and take her on the journey of a lifetime.

As they returned from the faraway land, she faced a dilemma: would she accept all that she had found and count it as her own? Could she return to a well of darkness after living on a cloud? She weighed the options for months. Could she give up the world? Could she give up the life she had known? There where moments she almost couldn’t. She was afraid of the unknown. But every time she met again with the glowing people, and read their book, she became more and more convinced. Until one day, she decided to follow Jesus too. No turning back. 

And now sometimes…she glows too. 

And they lived happily ever after. For eternity. 


5 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. So lovely :). So proud of you, this really makes me smile so much. He truly shows His face to ensure everyone tastes His true sweetness and grace!

  2. AAAAH! The best thing I have EVER read! :)! this little girl is now glowing all the time – shining Jesus’ hope on everyone she encounters! I love you so much sister… How wonderful is our God, that He shatters the darkness with His radiant light!!

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