Trellis in the Checkout Line

Does single mean selfish…interesting thoughts…

fast. pray.

On Mondays, we fast and pray that godly men would walk upright and into relationship, that godly women would be softened, and that marriages would be given to those who desire them.

There is no escaping it! Red, pink, hearts, roses, and cupids, the signs of February and its unofficial holiday, Valentine’s Day, have bombarded us over the last several weeks.  There was a trellis archway filled with red roses over the “10 items or less” checkout line at the grocery store on Friday, which not only limited the items you could purchase but also the height of the individual that could enter the line without needing to physically contort to stoop under it (nothing like knocking people on the head with the need to make a purchase).

I know Valentine’s Day conjures up many thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you’ve turned to Galentine’s Day to celebrate friendships or use it…

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