Peacefulwife’s blogpost on Consecration

This is a beautiful article. I thought I would forward along for the day. It deals with the topic of consecration. Most importantly, it discusses how we are ALL to live as consecrated servants. Amen. Well done.

The Peaceful Wife


We don’t talk much about consecration in many of our churches today. But – all believers are to live lives that are fully consecrated to God. That is His design. That is what it means for Jesus to be our LORD. This is what the  “normal” life of a Christian is to be all about.

Quotes about Consecration and Prayer from “The Essentials of Prayer” by E.M. Bounds

“Full consecration is the highest type of Christian life…. It is the one thing at which the believer should aim. Nothing short of entire consecration must satisfy us.”

Consecration is the voluntary and set dedication of one’s self to God, an offering definitely made, and made without any reservation whatever. It is first of all the setting apart to God of all we are, all we have, and all we expect to have or to be. It is not so much the…

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