Show Yourself Jesus


I wish there was something I could do that would make Jesus real and personal to you, if He isn’t already.

A lifetime of thanksgiving could not express the gratitude I feel for the entrance of Jesus into my life – the joy and weightlessness of life lived in His presence.

What I can do is suggest that you ask Him, beg Him persistently, to show Himself to you personally. I can guarantee He will respond. I will give you two rules my spiritual father often gives me: (1) ask with no expectation of HOW He will answer and (2) ask with full expectation that He WILL answer. Do not try to fit Him into a box, He’s just too big…sorry Jesus.

I’d like to share a couple excerpts that deal with this personal call of our Saviour:

“Jesus calls souls individually…Jesus says to Nathanael: ‘before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.’ We do not know to what episode Jesus is alluding. Had Nathanael retired under a fig-tree in a  moment of prayer, meditation, temptation, struggle, sin, or repentance? What is certain is that the shadow of this fig-tree marks a decisive moment In Nathanael’s life. Jesus, at that moment of decision, was invisibly present, as He is present during the struggle which each one of us wages, under our fig-tree.” From: Jesus. A Dialogue with The Saviour by Lev Gillet

“Stand at the well with the Samaritan woman to learn worship in spirit and truth. Roll the stone from the tomb of Lazarus to know the resurrection from the dead. Stand with the multitude, take your share of the five loaves and know the blessings of prayer. Go, wake him up who is asleep at the stern of your boat when the waves beat into it. Weep with Mary, wash his feet with your tears to hear his words of comfort. Lay your head on his breast with John, hear his heart throbbing with love to the world. Take for yourself a morsel of the bread he blessed during supper to be one with his body and confirmed in him forever.” From: “Hold Him in Your Arms Like Mary His Mother” by St. Silouan the Athonite

One of thing that made a big impact on my own personal relationship with God was the realization of the living nature of His Word. Once I learned to visualize, personalize, and place myself in the Scriptures, I found my own life story contained in its pages.

I realized that I could cry out in anger against betrayal with David. I realized I was a chosen servant along with Samuel. I found my redemption in Christ beside the Samaritan woman. I discovered that Jesus would cross a tumultuous lake with His disciples just to cast my demons away and give me hope for a better future.

I pray that each and every one of you reading this can encounter Jesus on a personal level, if you have not already. Do not be discouraged. He is waiting for you.


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