QOD: “The Unspeakable Sweetness of the Contemplation of God”

“Now, we can never thank Him enough for the fact that we exist, that we love, that we see heaven and earth, that we have mind and reason to search for him who made all these things. But nevertheless, no hearts and no tongues can say that they are enough to thank Him for this: that He has not left us completely, loaded down as we are with sins, loath to contemplate His light, and blinded by the love of darkness (that is, the love of sin). Instead, He sent His own Word – His only Son – so that, by His birth and suffering for us in the flesh that He put on, we might know how much God valued us; and so that, by that unique sacrifice, we might be purified from all our sins; and so that, when His Spirit had scattered love into our hearts, we might overcome every difficulty and come into eternal rest, and the unspeakable sweetness of the contemplation of God.”

Saint Augustine, City of God


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