QOD: The Burning Bush

“The flames shoot forth from the bush which burns, and yet the fire in no way destroys the bush. Draw near to the Burning Bush, My child, and think about this great vision, and why the bush burns yet is not consumed.

The fire which burns the bush without consuming it is a fire which does not feed on any fuel that is extraneous to itself. Unaided it continues to exist. And of its own accord it spreads, spreads to infinity.

This fire does not destroy the wood of the bush. It purifies the wood. It makes what is merely briar or thorn in the bush disappear. But it is not deforming, for it respects the original structure, even while the superfluous growths are vanishing. It renews without killing. The wood itself becomes fire, and this fire endures.

Interpreting this in the simplest and most elementary way, you can no doubt see in the Burning Bush a manifestation of that divine protection which maintains life through all the sufferings and all the burns. You can see in it, My child, the affirmation of a supreme Pity, of a preserving Mercy. You can also see in it the sign of a divine Purification, which, though painful, liberates.

The Burning Bush, however, has still deeper meaning to it. It carries in it a Revelation relating to your God, relating to your Lord Himself.

The Burning Bush represents one aspect of the divine nature. In the fire of the bush, you can glimpse what I Am. For is not your Lord, the Lord Love, a devouring fire?

Like the flame of the Bush, I am that Love which gives without ever exhausting itself. I am that generosity which knows no measure. One cannot say to My Love: only so far, and no further.

I am that Love whose nature it is always to incorporate and assimilate whatever human elements it meets (and which is the origin of those elements). I do not destroy the men I have created any more than the fire destroys the wood of the bush. I want only to bring about the disappearance of those things which, in a man, contradict the essence of Love.

I take and I make Mine. I transform and I transfigure. I bring life. I transpose to another plane, to a higher plane.

He who loves unites himself to those he loves. I unite Myself to you, My beloved ones. Yet even so, there can be no confusion between Me – I who am Love – and you, those who have love.

Oh, do you now see the great vision? Do you see the flame, lit by no one, blazing forth from my very Heart, the flame which I am? Do you see the divine fire spreading over the world? The whole universe is the Burning Bush.”


Lev Gillet In Thy Presence 



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