Must read: Grace and the Psychology of God by Fr. Stephen

“So I will be clear at the outset: God does not feel as we do. God does not think as we do. We use such language because we are human beings. But the poetic language of Scripture in such matters becomes something utterly misleading and delusional when codified into the principles of theology. And they can become the stuff of deep neurosis and psychotic delusion in the minds and hearts of the weak.

There is no psychology of the Divine.

When I was a child I was taught that grace was ‘God’s unmerited favour.’ It sounded theological, and, understood in a certain manner, it was correct. But like all psychological descriptions of God, it fails to adequately say what must be said. God does not have an ‘attitude.’ ‘Favour’ and ‘disfavour’ are images that carry a theological meaning, but they mislead if understood in a literal manner.

Orthodox teaching declares that grace is ‘uncreated.’ By this it means that grace is nothing other than God Himself. It is God’s Life or the Divine Energies. Grace is the action of God in the world, in my life and within my being. And grace is not God’s actions apart from God (simple effects), but the acting of God in the world. And God is His acting.”


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