QOD: Divine Love

“Bridal love between two people has its place, but it should not be confused with divine love. The bridal state, fatherhood, and other such gifts which we know upon earth, are but dim likenesses and shadows of the true and real and eternal, which is above. Because there is such a thing as fatherhood in heaven, we can know something of it here on earth. All fatherhood upon earth derives its name and character from Him, the real Father. In the heavenly places there are throne and principalities (Col. 1:16), and therefore upon earth, fleeting and transient, are the shadows and likenesses of these heavenly realities. And because there is a Bridegroom in heaven – that is what Jesus called Himself (Matt. 9:15, 25:1) – and a Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and a Bride (Rev 19:7), therefore upon the earth there is such a thing as a bridal state. It is but a shadow of the reality. It is a part of this present world which is passing away; for in heaven one will neither marry nor be given in marriage. Love to Jesus therefore can never be put on the same level with what we may know about human love.”

Mother Basilea Schlink in Those Who Love Him


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